Travel Insurance

Why do you need travel insurance?

We all look forward to our holidays, but as well as packing all your essentials, it’s important to ensure that you have the right insurance in place should the worst happen. Travel insurance ensures that you’re protected, no matter how far you are from home.

  • Protect yourself
    There is enough to worry about when travelling abroad, so make sure comprehensive insurance cover isn’t one of them. Our travel insurance is flexible enough to cover the things that you enjoy while you’re away. We can even provide specialist options for winter sports, adventure holidays, scuba diving, golf and over 120 accepted sporting activities.
  • Insurance to suit you
    Whether you prefer short city breaks, action-packed winter holidays, or relaxing on the beach, we can provide cover to suit your needs. You can choose insurance for single trips, or an annual policy to cover multiple trips. We can also provide cover for extended trips such as gap years.
  • You and the family
    Our dedicated policies can be arranged to cover an individual or the whole family, including: children under 2 go free, cover for persons up to 85 years of age, young travellers (including backpackers) and more. With one policy, arranged in one place, you don’t have to worry as much about what the family are up to while they’re away.

How we can help

Our team of travel specialists can help find the cover that is most suitable for you. Whether you need annual multi-trip or various short period policies, we’ve got you covered. 

If you take more than one holiday or trip overseas each year, it may be worthwhile to have annual travel insurance, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that you are covered should the unforeseen happen.

Whether you’re going away for pleasure or on business, twice in a year or more, our annual travel insurance can be designed around your lifestyle and specific requirements.

Medical conditions

Make sure all medical conditions are disclosed to the insurer. If the insurer isn't aware of any circumstances that could give rise to a claim under this insurance, you may not get your money back if you have a problem. Even if they occur between the day you took out the policy, and the day you leave.

Please note that cancellation, curtailment or trip interruption is not covered if you are aware of a medical condition before the policy has started that affects: a close relative who is not travelling and is not insured under this policy; someone travelling with you who is not insured under this policy; or a person you plan to stay with on your trip.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Annual multi-trip and short period policies.

Children under 2 years old go free.

Cover for travellers up to 85 years old.

Cover for many medical conditions at no extra charge.1  

Consideration for other pre-existing health conditions on referral.

Cover for over 120 accepted sporting activities.2    

Cover for long stay travel and young travellers (including back packers).

1 subject to certain criteria. Visit to see the full list of accepted conditions.

2 Some limits may apply and professional participation is excluded. Certain hazardous sports can be considered with reduced cover.