Renovation insurance

Why do you a need renovation insurance policy?

Renovating a property to turn it into your dream home could potentially provide you with extra space and value. However, renovation projects do come with a degree of risk. 

In the first instance you should check with your insurer whether your existing home insurance policy covers you before you start any work.  If it’s a particularly large project, additional insurance cover (a renovation insurance policy) may be needed. This will ensure that if a problem does occur you have appropriate cover in place.

Our renovation insurance helps you:

  • Protect your home
    During a renovation your home could be subject to a number of risks; damage, fire, theft of materials etc. Renovation insurance can help ensure you are covered.
  • Protect your treasured possessions
    We would always recommend removing or securing all valuable or delicate items in your home during a period of work to minimise the risk of accidental damage. If the worst does happen your renovations insurance will typically respond to pay the costs of repairing / replacing your precious items.

How our prestige insurance team can help

Arranging significant home improvements can be time consuming and stressful. One important factor you don’t want to overlook is your insurance and that is where our team can assist. We understand the emotional value that you invest in your home. This is why we apply the same exacting standards to crafting an insurance solution to help protect it. With a renovation insurance policy this can include:

  • Structural damage cover
  • Loss or damage to your possessions
  • Alternative accommodation - if damage caused during the works makes your property uninhabitable 
  • Cover for damage to works in progress
  • Public liability

Personal dedicated service

Each of our clients and their families have their own dedicated Account Executive looking after them. As our clients' needs change and develop, so do their policies.

We work with a variety of insurers, risk management and security consultants to identify the best ways to improve the protection afforded to our clients' most valuable assets. This means we can provide an impartial solution that works.

Prestige home insurance

Are you aware of the true value of your home? Are you confident you know the cost of a full rebuild, or the cost of replacing all your belongings? Property underinsurance is a common problem. Total rebuild costs are often overlooked, leaving many high-value items without cover under “one-size-fits-all” insurance policies. Our prestige home insurance offers more.

Second home insurance 

When you own a second home (or maybe multiple homes) you will want to ensure that it is as protected as your primary home. By their very nature second homes may have different risk exposures, they aren’t always occupied and they may be overseas.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need renovation insurance as shouldn’t my builder have insurance?

Yes your builder should have insurance and you should always check that they do, however builders insurance won’t necessarily provide the correct cover to keep your home protected. Different policies will have different exclusions such as working at height or with heat. If a contractor damages your property whilst working at height and this is excluded from their insurance, you may have to claim against the builder’s liability cover which can be a lengthy and complicated process with no guarantees, possibly leaving you left with a damaged property for some time.

If you are planning to embark on a building project and signing a formal contract such as a JCT contract (Joint Contracts Tribunal), it is important that you arrange the appropriate specialist cover required by that contract. JCT contracts support the process of delivering the project. They detail how the work will be carried out, who is responsible for what at each stage of the project and what insurance is required. The responsibilities defined within these contracts for insurance are often complex and it is strongly advised that you seek the advice of a qualified broker.

Isn’t any works I want to do to my home covered under my home insurance?
Your insurance policy will detail the limits of acceptable works that your insurer will cover. This could be a contract/project value as low as £25,000 but even lower limits are quite possible. You should always contact your broker/insurer to let them know what you are planning to ensure you are covered in the event of a claim.

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