Scaffolding Contractors Insurance

Why do you need Scaffolding Contractors insurance?

Scaffolding contractors insurance is essential for those working within this specialist sector. Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, SME business or a larger concern, your trade comes with a certain degree of risk.  With over 10 years’ experience of dealing with scaffolding contractors insurance, Jelf understand you and your business.

  • Risk Management
    As a skilled scaffolding contractor, you need to manage a number of likely risks. Having a broker on board who can help minimise your exposure and advise on how to manage these risks can put you in a very positive position with insurers.
  • Market leading cover
    Scaffolding contractors insurance requires expertise and a broker that understands the types of cover your business requires. Jelf can provide a market leading product with leading specialist insurers, that ensures your insurance requirements are taken care of.
  • Advice when it counts
    We understand that accidents happen, and that if you need to claim it pays to know that your claims service will be exceptional, and as painless a process as possible.
  • Public Liability
    Provides cover for limits of £2Million, £5Million or £10 Million, protecting you in case your activities injure a client, contractor or member of the public, plus damage to third party property. Various height limit options are available, including ‘unlimited’, depending on your requirements.
  • Employer’s Liability
    Cover for your employees and labour only sub-contractors in respect of injury, disease or death whilst under your employment, with no need to declare employee numbers.
  • Legal expenses
    Provides legal protection and a legal helpline, limit of up to £100.000.


How we can help

Scaffolding Contractors are naturally exposed to a number of risks whether that’s potential damage to client’s property or working from height. We have worked with a leading insurer to provide you with the most appropriate and effective cover available. Details on the risks faced by you or your business, and what we cover, are shown below.