Retirement Planning

Why provide retirement planning support?

Employees don’t reach an exact age and leave your company. They need to consider all of the options available in detail and prepare themselves for the transition into life after work.

Providing your employees with retirement planning support and giving them the opportunity to plan and prepare puts them in control and gives them the confidence to come to you and start the conversation about retirement. Retirement support can help you combat key people risks such as:

  • Ageing workforce
    With the Default Retirement Age now abolished, starting a conversation with your employees about their retirement can be difficult. 
  • Employee engagement
    Older employees who want to retire, but cannot afford to, or who have concerns about retirement, are more likely to be disengaged with your company and less productive.


How our retirement planning team can help

Our LaterLife Retirement Planning courses help your employees to prepare for the retirement that they want and ease the transition from working life into life after work. We run courses nationwide to help individuals plan effectively for their retirement. We can help your employees and their partners to decide when to retire, and consider the key financial decisions and the lifestyle changes that retirement inevitably brings.


We listen to you and build personalised solutions based on our understanding of your needs, your business and your workforce. We can help you to create an education program to improve employee wellbeing and lessen the people risks that can have a significant impact on your business.

Face-to-face workshops

We offer set modules on a variety of financial topics or we can create an education program specifically for your employees. Our education provides your employees with the tools and knowledge to plan effectively for the future. Unlike other education providers we do not include details of any of the personal products and services we offer.


We offer online training to complement our face-to-face workshops or as a stand-alone education tool. Our Financial Essentials and Planning for Retirement online courses use e-learning technology to provide interactive and enjoyable learning experiences. Employees can complete these in their own time, at their own pace.

Financial Education

Many people who attend our retirement planning courses say they wish they'd done it sooner. Employees often don't think about planning for their retirement finances until later in life, when they could have spent more time saving and preparing. Our financial education courses can help employees further from retirement to prepare and plan their finances for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we offer retirement planning courses to our geographically diverse workforce?
We have a range of solutions including Face-to-Face, Digital e-learning and webcasting/webinar capability that we can provide across the country and tailor to a diverse workforce’s needs.
How can you help us engage employees with the pension scheme and make appropriate contributions?
We not only provide education on how to plan for the future and understand pensions in general, we can educate your employees on the specific details of your pension scheme and encourage them to engage and manage their contributions to achieve their retirement saving goals.

What our clients say

LaterLife Retirement Planning, Kim Eade HR Administrator, Safran Landing Systems UK Ltd.:

“We have only received positive feedback about the sessions run by Lee Coles from Jelf. Lee has ensured that he is in touch with our benefits and pensions arrangements, which has greatly benefitted the sessions. Lee went above and beyond what we would expect from a trainer and offered a 1-2-1 session for a delegate who had a recent bereavement and found the standard session hard to sit through. This was very much appreciated by both ourselves and the delegate and exceeded expectations.”