wind energy insurance

Why do you need specialist wind energy insurance?

Being part of a specialist industry requires an insurance policy that understands you. Supplying renewable energy carries potential opportunities and risks that don’t apply to many other businesses, and it is important to know that should the worst happen, you’re in safe hands with a policy tailored exactly to your needs.

Our comprehensive insurance package for wind energy developers covers a range of final, project, and operational risks, such as:

  • Comprehensive turbine cover, including mechanical and electrical breakdown, and transit from any supplier
  • Costs from delays in start up
  • Construction
  • Advanced loss of revenue
  • Liability

How our wind energy insurance experts can help

With access to some of the world’s leading renewable energy insurers, and a proven track record with insurance for wind turbine developers, at Jelf Clark Thomson we have the specific industry knowledge you need in a broker. We insure hundreds of turbines across the UK – from Cornwall to Shetland – and are highly experienced in the settlement of renewable energy claim.

Jelf & Clark Thomson

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