Why do you need a renewable energy insurance specialist?

The unique complexities and challenges of the renewable energy industry means it can be difficult to find insurers to provide the right level of insurance required to protect your business.

We provide expertise and advice across all sectors of the industry, each one has a large variety of environmental, contractual, supply chain, delivery, construction and operational risks.

  • Owner controlled insurance programmes
    An OCIP is not a policy, but a programme of different types of insurance designed for your renewable energy project.
  • Specialist and exclusive policies
    We have access to a range of specialist and exclusive insurance policies designed specifically for the renewable energy industry.
  • Handling insurance claims
    Our renewable energy specialists support our clients through the claims process and can provide guidance should an incident lead to an HSE or EA investigation.

How our specialist renewables experts can help you

We are committed to developing relevant insurance propositions that support this ever-changing industry, offering valuable additional services that provide real benefits to you.

Our insurance solutions often involve a detailed assessment of your insurance risks, establishing cover requirements to meet your precise needs.

Protecting your renewable energy project

From concept to operation, your renewable energy project is at risk, which could be caused by a lack of adherence to contractual requirements, risk management and supply chain issues. We can provide full contract advice, construction and operational insurance programs to protect your investment.

Recognition from the renewable energy industry

Due to our expertise and long standing presence in the renewable energy industry, we are insurance partners for the REA, and both insurance and risk management partners for the ADBA.

Meeting insurer requirements

We offer due diligence on the design, construction, and operational controls that insurers expect. We achieve this through forming a tripartite relationship between insurers’ engineers, underwriters and you. Preferably this is at the conception and design phase of your project. If you already have a project underway, we can offer a gap analysis on your current insurance programme.

Benefits of an owner controlled insurance programmes (OCIP)

The benefit of an OCIP is primarily the level of control it gives the policy holder most importantly in terms of claims management and excess levels. It can also reduce your premiums. Policies that can form an OCIP include:

  • erection all risks cover
  • delay in start-up cover
  • marine and cargo cover
  • public and employer liability
  • directors and officers liability
  • environmental liability
  • can include the first year operational policy.

Insurance and advice for several specialist renewable sectors

We can provide you with advice on several specialist renewable sectors and can arrange the following solutions:

  • Solar farm insurance
  • Wind farms insurance (on and off shore)
  • Hydro plant insurance
  • Anaerobic digestion and biogas plant insurance
  • Biomass plant insurance
  • Geothermal 
  • Battery storage
  • Combined heat and power units
  • Waste to energy

Farming and renewable energy

Many farmers are increasingly branching out from traditional farming to include renewable energy and anaerobic digestion on their farms. If this applies to you, read more about how we can help farmers. 

What our clients say

Paul Bille, Director
Vale Green Energy Limited 

Looking for and deciding upon Renewable Energy Insurance is usually a testing process, however, Jelf have provided a first rate service and I would be happy to recommend them. I am extremely happy with the policy Jelf has provided and was particularly impressed with the knowledge and expertise demonstrated in such a specialised field.

Frequently asked questions

What specialist sectors do you cover?

Whatever you do in the sector, our experience enables us to negotiate competitive insurance and risk management solutions focused on your needs.

The sectors we can cover are:

  • Biomass systems
  • Anaerobic digestion and biogas
  • Hydro facilities
  • Geothermal
  • Battery storage
  • Combined Heat and Power Units
  • Solar panel farms (roof and ground mounted)
  • Wind farms (on-shore and off-shore)
  • Waste to energy
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • Transport
Doesn’t my business insurance cover equipment?
Some business insurers provide basic material damage cover for equipment, but it rarely provides cover for loss of revenue or breakdown cover potentially leaving you severely exposed.
Why would I need business interruption insurance when I have a warranty?
Whilst a warranty will cover labour and parts that are faulty and need repairing or replacing, it will not cover the loss of income caused by the plant not running at its normal capacity should there be, for example, a delay in your plant being repaired.   
Are you able to provide cover under one policy through construction into operation of the plant?

Yes. Insurers prefer to be involved as early as possible. Involving an insurer from the outset clearly benefits your project as:

  1. they will understand your plant; and
  2. you will be able to factor in loss mitigation controls they require from the outset. It is far more financially viable from a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) perspective to do this than trying to retrofit which can be extremely costly.
Can you help me understand and meet funders’ requirements and clauses?
Yes, we have almost 10 years industry experience and understand funder requirements and can provide the advice and insurance programme conditions required.