Finance for property development

Why should you consider alternative property finance?

When it comes to property purchases, you need finance arrangements which give your project the best chance of success. Although turning to your bank might seem like the easiest option, talking to an independent property finance broker can often mean getting a better deal. This is because we look at finance deals available across the entire market and recommend the product most suited to you, rather than being limited to one lender’s range.

During the process of obtaining finance for your property development, we can provide support and guidance through a number of key stages:

  • Finding the right solution
    By getting to know your business inside-out we can identify the finance vehicle and lender that’s right for your needs.
  • Present your application
    Using their in-depth knowledge and vast experience, our commercial finance experts will help you to present your application to lenders in the most positive light.
  • Managing the process
    As well as sourcing the finance, we manage the entire process for you from beginning to end, liaising with valuers, lenders and solicitors.

How our commercial property finance experts can help

As experienced commercial property finance advisers, we research the market in its entirety to identify the right approach for you. Listening to your needs and supporting you every step of the way means your finance is tailored to you - with no surprises.

Product Benefits and Features

Understanding the market
As experienced commercial finance experts we can help you present your application to lenders in the most positive light. We will prepare a report, written in a language familiar to bank-managers to increase the likelihood of a favourable response from funders. We will review the preferred bank’s offer letter to ensure that it meets your needs.

Time saving
By delegating your finance requirements to us, you can be confident that our experience means you’ll get the right lender for your new property. We will research the right products for your situation and process your application, giving you more time to look at other pressing matters. We will provide ongoing partnership, advice and support to enhance your business performance.

We can provide access to a wide range of lenders and competitive rates, giving you a range of products to choose from.

Frequently asked questions

I want to buy my current business premises, but I've got enough on my plate running my business. How can I find the time?
We come across many business owners who are looking to buy their existing or new premises but are worried about where they’ll find enough time to fit it in. The trouble is, when you’re talking about large amounts of money, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that delays, rushed decisions or lack of understanding can carry a serious cost.

As experienced commercial finance advisers we research the market on your behalf to identify the finance vehicle and lender that’s right for your needs.
Can't I just get a mortgage from my bank?
Yes you can but is it the right option for your business? Inflexible finance arrangements and a limited bargaining position could disadvantage you. Luckily there is an answer and it doesn’t involve you shopping around for quotes or mountains of paperwork because we do that for you.

As experienced independent commercial finance advisers, we research the market on to identify the finance vehicle and lender that’s right for your needs. We can also use our buying power and lender relationships to negotiate leading rates.
How can I be sure I am getting the best deal for my business?
Being completely independent, experienced commercial financial advisers we aren’t tied to any one lender. We research the market to identify the right source of finance for your business.