environmental Liability

Why do you need environmental liability cover?

If you’re held responsible for a pollution event, protection against the clean up costs imposed on you might not be included in your current insurance arrangements, or those costs could exceed the policy limit.

The cover we can arrange provides protection for the following agricultural activities:

  • Arable farming and intensive root crop production
  • Livestock farming including dairy 
  • Agricultural contracting
  • Woodland
  • Diversified activities

How our farm insurance experts can help

Our agricultural insurance experts are here to review your current insurances and advise whether your farming policy leaves you exposed. We’re here to help you understand the Environmental Agency’s regulations, your responsibilities and how your insurance cover protects you.

Farm combined

Our combined policies cover the key elements of your farm that you need to protect. 

Farm fleet

Cover for cars, commercial and agricultural vehicles, as well as implements and attachments.

Farm diversification

Covering you as you branch out from traditional farming activity to develop new revenue streams.