dental insurance

What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance covers a range of treatments, hygienist visits and procedures such as fillings. They provide access to various dental treatments and costs, up to agreed limits. Research shows that a trip to the dentist can identify major health problems such as oral cancer and heart disease1 – so is a great way to reduce the impact.

What are the benefits of dental insurance?

Key benefits of dental insurance can include:

Employer benefits

  • Highly perceived and valued benefit by staff at a relatively low cost
  • Employees can be seen, treated and back to work sooner
  • Improved employee engagement, health and productivity
  • Helps with recruitment and retention – saving you money
  • Choice of dental insurance cover levels, so you only pay for what you need
  • Available as a voluntary option

Employee benefits

  • Pays for a broad range of treatment, ranging from cleaning, routine x-rays and restorative work to crowns and root canals
  • Helps maintain good oral health and prevent dental emergencies
  • Can help identify other health problems early, including gum disease, oral cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  • Feel valued by their employer
  • A benefit that all employees can and should use every year
  • Can sometimes provide discounts on other dental procedures such as teeth whitening and cosmetic straightening


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