employee benefits

Why do you need employee benefits?

Your employees are your most important asset. An unhealthy and disengaged workforce can have a significant impact on productivity and presents a real risk to your business. If people are happy at work, they’ll work harder and be more productive: by up to 12%1. There are three key ways you can support your employees through employee benefits:

  • Planning for the future
    Providing your employees with financial planning support and the opportunity to plan and prepare through their employee benefits gives them confidence in their future.
  • Creating rewards packages
    Give your employees access to a range of benefits and discounts that support their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.
  • Keeping your employees healthy
    By investing in your employees, you can mitigate risks, reduce costs and help to ensure a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

How our employee benefits consultants can help

Designing and engaging your staff in an employee benefits strategy that works for both your company and your employees needs to be a priority.

We can help you to deliver a wellness strategy for your business that finds the right balance of employee benefits to maximise the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of your employees.


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1. CIPD 2015 

Benefits Management

Making sure that your staff understand and value the employee benefits you offer them can be difficult. Having all of your benefits on one platform that manages communications makes things simpler and more efficient, for both you and your employees.

Employee healthcare

The working population is getting older, creating more diverse populations of staff – all with differing needs. One thing remains the same: absenteeism is still a big problem for employers. Our specialist employee benefits team will provide advice on the most appropriate range of products and services that best fit your objectives.

Employee protection

Change your approach from the security of protection, to prevention, and you can better mitigate risk whilst reducing your direct and indirect costs. Employee protection cover can not only be cost-effective, but can also deliver valued employee benefits to your staff and their families at a time when they need it most.

Financial education

Employees who are worried about money problems are likely to be distracted at work or looking for new opportunities. Money worries can also lead to sickness absence which costs your business. Our financial education programmes provide a range of workplace solutions to help your staff understand and make the most of their employee benefits so that they can improve their financial wellbeing. These include initial consultancy, workshops, individual clinics, and a range of online digital solutions.

International benefits

Once upon a time, it was only the major corporates that ventured into global markets. Today, many smaller organisations are operating internationally. In fact, 75% of companies expect their international assignments to increase or remain the same over the next two years. Living and working overseas can bring many benefits to both your company and your employees. It can also pose challenges – and that’s where we can help.

Retirement planning

Employees don’t reach an exact age and leave your company. They need to consider all of the options available and prepare themselves for the transition into life after work. Providing your employees with retirement planning support and giving them the opportunity to plan and prepare puts them in control and gives them the confidence to come to you and start the conversation about retirement.

Workplace pensions

Are you complying with current legislation? How can you be sure that the workplace savings you offer are the most suitable employee benefits? Do you have the most appropriate provider to facilitate and encourage your staff to save for retirement? Effective management of your workplace savings can help you to stay on top of your pension scheme, keep your employees engaged, and maximise your investment in employee benefits.