Electrical, Fire and Security Contractors

Why do you need a specialist broker?

Whilst there may be many cowboy builders and ‘jacks of all trades’ in existence, if you’re a specialised contractor working in a higher risk trade, standard insurance policies simply won’t cut it. With over 10 years’ experience of catering for the electrical, fire and security industries, Jelf understands your insurance needs.

  • Market leading cover
    Our exclusive policy is not only market leading, but is complemented by our operational excellence and exceptional client service.
  • Risk management
    We suggest ways to manage your risk, putting you in a better position with insurers and reducing the need to claim.
  • Advice when it counts
    Off-the-shelf policies are often sold on an unadvised basis. You may either be taking out cover that you don’t need, or missing cover you really do need. Our service prevents exposure to unnecessary risks by providing tailored cover to meet your specific needs.

How we can help

Electrical, Fire and Security contractors are generally considered to be high-risk roles. So we have worked with a leading insurer to provide you with cover tailored to your trade. With an insurer, who like us, understands your industry, we can provide you with a policy that truly delivers. 

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What can it include?

Public lability
Provides cover of up to £10 Million, protecting you in case your activities injure a client, contractor or member of the public. Plus damage to third party property, including to the item being worked upon.

Employers' liability
Cover for your employees and labour only sub-contractors, with no need to declare employee numbers.

Inefficacy cover
This will cover losses resulting from a product or service failing to fulfil its function, such as an intruder alarm.

No subcontractors warranty
Part of our standard cover, ensuring you are not exposed.

Professional indemnity cover
We give this cover automatically within the policy, protecting the advice you give up to a value of £500,000, with the ability to increase if required.

24/7 tools cover
This includes whilst kept in unattended vehicles, with the proviso that tools are kept out of sight.

Management liability portfolio
Provides cover in case of a claim against your business or its directors.

Additional features

  • Interest free payment by direct debit
  • No automatic height limit applied to the policy
  • Legal expenses up to £100,000
  • A simple renewal process – no painful forms

Frequently asked questions

Can I get my cover cheaper online?
It’s possible you may be able to obtain cheaper quotes online, but our belief is that it is service and quality of cover that make the real difference to our clients and not simply price.