Why you need it

We understand that property insurance varies considerably, with each commercial managing agents having their own unique needs and requirements depending on their individual portfolio.

  • Specialist insurance
    When your work or industry is of a specialist nature, you need to be confident that your insurance is providing the specific protection
    your clients need.
  • Comprehensive cover
    With a wide policy wording unique to Jelf, we can offer you the best possible protection for your needs.
  • Experienced team
    Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in arranging properties insurance of all shapes and sizes; and we fully understand the needs of the property insurance market.

How we can help

We take the time to get to know you and your business to create the right solution for your clients. Our services have been designed to reassure you that your client’s assets are protected against losses.

Jelf & Clark Thomson

By bringing together Jelf and Clark Thomson we become both Scotland and the UK’s leading community broker and client advisory business. Working together we will continue our journey to build and shape an exceptional business for our colleagues, clients and communities.