Benefits Management

Why do you need a benefits management platform?

Making sure that your employees understand and value the benefits you offer them can be difficult. Paper handouts can often be ignored, particularly when today’s employees expect everything to be online. Having all of your employee benefits on one platform that manages communications makes things simpler and more efficient, for both you and your employees.

  • Employee benefits consultants 
    With you every step of the way helping you create and develop your benefits platform and the employee benefits you want to offer.
  • Simple interface 
    Employees can navigate to their benefits selection in two clicks. They tick a box to confirm they want to choose a benefit, we handle everything else.     

How our employee benefits consultants can help

Personify, our benefits management platform, provides you and your employees with a simple solution to access all of their employee benefits in one place. This makes it easier for employees to understand the benefits you offer and locate policy documentation and details when they need it.


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Smarter employee benefits management

We can help you to deliver tailored employee benefits through Personify that will help you and your employees to see the complete picture of everything you offer. Your employees can access the platform from work or at home and see all of their benefits in one place as well as their personalised total reward breakdown, and gain a better understanding of the benefits that you offer. They can quickly and easily update their choices and see how these will impact upon their take home pay.

Improve employee engagement and retention
Personify gives employees a centralised location where they can find all their benefits information, together with the flexibility to choose the benefits that are right for them. Easy access means they become more aware of everything you provide to them. Using a total reward statement is valuable in expressing to employees the total value of their remuneration, above and beyond their base salary. All of this helps your employees to feel valued at work, keeping them engaged and helping you to retain your best talent.

Ease your administrative burden
Having multiple disparate systems that don’t engage with each other can create an unwanted administrative burden. Consolidating all of your benefits into Personify will help tie separate administrative workflows together and improve procedures, saving you time and money.

Improve employee wellbeing
Personify can provide your employees with access to a range of optional benefits and/or employee discounts to allow them to choose the benefits to best support their own physical, emotional and financial wellbeing. This means that you are able to ensure that the benefits that you offer are relevant to each and every individual in your business, resulting in a more effective use of your benefits spend.

Better employee communications
With our platform you can set up annual communications for your employees, or more regularly if required. We can also provide education to your employees about your platform, the benefits on offer and how to make the most of them.

Frequently asked questions

What employee benefits are available?
Personify can be used to communicate and manage a wide range of healthcare, risk and lifestyle benefits, as well as pensions, and our team can help you to design and implement the right package for your organisation.
How are employee benefits treated in terms of tax?
This varies by benefit and by payroll deduction method. We can offer information regarding the potential tax treatment of any benefits you wish to include in a scheme, but you should always seek professional advice which is based on your individual circumstances.
How does the administration process work?
Our team will handle engagement with your employees through our dedicated helpdesk. Employees can make their benefits selections and changes through Personify, and we will then report these changes out to all required providers and third parties. Your HR and Payroll teams will receive a comprehensive set of reports on a monthly basis, ensuring all changes are captured, and facilitating a smooth transition between employee selection and payroll amendment.
What are the most common employee benefits offered?
This varies by client and scheme but the vast majority of our clients offer Childcare Vouchers, some form of healthcare benefit, and company-paid risk benefits. If you’re looking to start a brand new employee benefits package, our consultants can help.
Can you show me a demo of your benefits management tool?
Of course – just contact us at and we can arrange a demonstration, at no cost to you.