EMPLOYEE Benefits Management

Personify helps you be. more with flexible employee benefits

When you’re busy running a business it can be hard to keep up with the employee benefits you offer.

Benefits management can be simple when using technology that can save you time and money while keeping your employees engaged. 

Personify is a web-based employee benefits management platform that helps you offer more while giving you greater control.

Our benefits management technology can help you be. more

Find out how technology can help you be.more...

Ready to be. more?

Watch our short video and discover how offering employee benefits using Personify can help you:

Retain your staff
Attract great people
Lose less time to absence


Be. more with Personify - employee benefits management technology

be. engaging

Personify is easy to use and understand. Clearly and graphically, it shows your total commitment to their rewards package, not just their salary. Providing employees with the tools and confidence to make the most of their benefits. Make a difference to your employees lives through your benefits package and create a more engaged and hardworking team.

be. efficient

Managing employee benefits all together, saves you time and money on administration and employee communications, allowing you to concentrate your energy and budget on growing your business.

be. secure

We know security is top priority especially with personal data so our technology is housed in a Tier 4, banking compliant environment. Holding data in one place, gives you a streamlined renewal process, reducing business risks and costs.

Business benefits

Personify helps you mange your employee benefits to create better value for your business:

Manage flexible benefits centrally 
imple and straightforward to use 
Greater employee engagement 
Secure system that’s quick and easy to adopt 

Employee benefits

Personify helps your employees better understand, choose and value their benefits:

Complete view of benefits and rewards 
Personalised to each individual 
Simple and straightforward to use 
Access to a wide range of additional benefits

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** Mercer– Why good health is good business

What our clients say

BW, Senior HR Advisor
Personify is easy to use and during our first enrolment window the vast majority of our employees found it very intuitive. We wanted to achieve high levels of engagement with the platform to draw attention to our benefits offering. 
As a benefits platform I would be happy to recommend Personify. It's a useful tool for any organisation looking to move to a flexible benefits model. 
Working with Jelf is easy as they are responsive, approachable and friendly. 

Frequently asked questions about benefit management

What employee benefits are available?
Personify can be used to communicate and manage a wide range of healthcare, risk and lifestyle benefits, as well as pensions, and our team can help you to design and implement the right package for your organisation.
How are employee benefits treated in terms of tax?
This varies by benefit and by payroll deduction method. We can offer information regarding the potential tax treatment of any benefits you wish to include in a scheme, but you should always seek professional advice which is based on your individual circumstances.
How does the benefit administration process work?
Our team will handle engagement with your employees through our dedicated helpdesk. Employees can make their benefits selections and changes through Personify, and we will then report these changes out to all required providers and third parties. Your HR and Payroll teams will receive a comprehensive set of reports on a monthly basis, ensuring all changes are captured, and facilitating a smooth transition between employee selection and payroll amendment.
What are the most common employee benefits offered?
This varies by client and scheme but the vast majority of our clients offer Childcare Vouchers, some form of healthcare benefit, and company-paid risk benefits. If you’re looking to start a brand new employee benefits package, our consultants can help.
Can you show me a demo of your benefits management technology?
Of course - contact us and we will arrange a demonstration, at no cost to you.