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Leading commercial insurance broker and risk management specialist in Glasgow city centre

We service a broad range of clients in and around Glasgow, and deliver the most leading insurance solutions aligned specifically to their business requirements. We have handpicked the very best people and partners to work with our clients including a local embedded claims team and sector specific traders working in specialisms across a broad spectrum of UK industry.

Jelf & Clark Thomson

By bringing together Jelf and Clark Thomson we become both Scotland and the UK’s leading community broker and client advisory business. Working together we will continue our journey to build and shape an exceptional business for our colleagues, clients and communities.

A rich history in the Glasgow area

We’ve had a presence in Glasgow since 1976. Over the next 40 years, the business grew, complemented by talented additions to our team. We’re a highly respected insurance broker with a wealth of experience in the industry and the needs of local businesses.

We became part of Bluefin in 2014, who later joined forces with Jelf. In 2018 Jelf purchased Clark Thomson and we’re now all working from the same George Square office, right in the heart of Glasgow. 

Risk Management

We offer specialist risk management advice for businesses across all industry sectors. We work with you to identify risks, and ensure that you are prepared for the challenges your business faces.

Employee Benefits

We can help you to deliver a wellness strategy for your business that finds the right balance of employee benefits to maximise the physical, emotional and financial wellbeing of your employees.