The truth about van and tool theft in the construction sector

For any tradesperson, losing a van or valuable tools is a real nightmare. Apart from the financial implications, it may mean you're unable to work until you replace everything. And if you're not properly insured, it could mean the end of your business altogether. 

In the UK, a van is broken into and tools stolen every 23 minutes1. That's risen by nearly two-thirds in the last two years, leading some people to call it an epidemic that's destroying livelihoods. 

According to HPI, the organisation that provides vehicle history information to consumers, some makers of commercial vans are a bigger target than others. See if your van is in their top five2:

  1. Ford Transit 17.6%
  2. Land Rover 17.6%
  3. Mercedes Sprinter 11.8%
  4. Volkswagen Transporter 11.8%
  5. Fiat Ducato 5.9%

Why is theft a growing problem?

There seem to be three main factors contributing to the sharp rise in van and tool theft:


infographic with tips to prevent tradesmen van and tool theft



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